Production Notes

Director's Statement

I am devastated to see my believe is crushed by those who abuse it as a weapon. Therefore, I am sad, ashamed and angry, my perfect combination to start doing something. This country needs an example; this is my part of history as a filmmaker, to fight injustice and raise my voice to create a positive social impact. I portray and tell the story to the world thru Film.

I find him as a phenomenal Inspiration to many, and enemy to more, a subject and example to educate generations to come to learn and be better. Those who understand this is, they live as part of the history with A Man Called AHOK.

The story will have no political conflict. It tells the reason of why and how the character was created, what makes him the man today? So I chose the important piece of a human life. Family.

I will adapt and rewrite this biopic without decreasing the true reason and intention of why this idea is created. To mirror history and give rise to plural society for love of their motherland.

Be a legend, write history, do the impossible, dream big and owned it. Putrama Tuta